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Featured here are just a few examples of our extensive range of plants available, contact us or call to enquire into our larger range and additional information. 
Coir coco Blocks 5kg

We have available 100 % Washed Coir coco blocks in 5kg. EC 1mS/cm. Mesh 12mm. This imported and certified from Sri Lanka and India.  For bulk volume pallet and container supply contact the office

Plant specific product blends
For specific plants we are able to formulate the ideal mix for your own production. Please note this is only a planting mix and that we don't grow or supply these plants or seed ourselves.
Substrate Peat and Coir Blends
We blend a number of growing substrates from selected suppliers. This as our own blend or as per the customers request
Basket mix 2 cascade
Indoor Plants large 30cm
A new selection coming soon for indoor and patio features
Patio colour and texture plants
Baskets Mix 1 succulents
Basket crassula fresh cascade
Basket mix 3 cascade
Indoor Medium 20cm range
These are coming soon and will be in stock April 
Hanging baskets 15cm planted
Our new range of hanging baskets with a variety of selected cascading plants

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