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Spring shoots

Just spotted the fist leaf shoots for spring 2013, these on the poplar trees -always the first signals of seasonal change.With temperatures varying from 22 to 27 deg over the last week it comes as no surprise. Whats interesting this winter is that we have noted two deciduous trees, namely the water oaks and combretum's having changed color yet not...

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Trees for Garden the right choice

Trees and your Garden – Spokesperson for Plant Culture tree nursery Scott Hogg

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Nursery sky pics

Busy in the process and nearly finished with a really cool fly over video of the nursery and as far as i know the first and only one to have done it as a nursery in the country.......watch the others follow suite. These are just some of the photos taken at the same time, the video will be available next week.

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Landscape Irrigation Association -LIA

LIA award

I recently attended a very informative two week course in commercial and domestic irrigation design. The course is run in conjunction with the LIA -Landscape Irrigation association and is a pre-request to being a member. In having to brush up and dust off some some old skills it was not only informative but challenging in that it ends in having...

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Big tree planting

July saw us planting some substantial pin oaks with the help of trees sa. This involved, selecting, co-ordinating, digger loaders, deliveries and crane trucks - something of a challenge.

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Sali Principal Membership



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Landscaping an embankment

After landscapingAfter landscaping


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Hedges with bottelbrushes

A great option to use as a hedge and or screening is a bottle brush. Here are a couple of samples of a hedge I came across in Somerset West. I keep passing it on Irene avenue andfinally stopped to get a pic. This is the Callistemon endevour, a much better one that the commonly planted weeping bottlebrush.Trims easy, fast...

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New Stock Growing bays

The teamIrrigation ladsTrolley driversloadingmore treesgrowing

Ending off March has been a busy month planting up new trees. Here are a few photos of the team in full action where over 2000 trees were planted and new growing bays put in.

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You gotta have rocks

Rock sample

You gotta have rocks, we have a new batch of rocks available at the nursery. These are fantastic sculpture speciemens all ready to place and use in your landscape designs. Very few landscapers appreciate the value rocks will bring to their designs, this is mainly as a result of no or very limited supply.

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