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Going Bananas

Banana Trees 125L

We are happy to announce that we now have mature fruit bearing 125L banana plants available at Plant Culture Nursery these are 2.3m height at R850 ea. Here is a little bit of information that you may be interested in if you are considering getting your own banana fruit plant.

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Gardenia Thunbergia -Wild Gardenia or witkatjiepiering

Gardenia white flowers double whiteGardenia leavesGardenia thunbergia branchesGardenia thunbergia pic 2

Gardenia Thunbergia is an evergreen large shrub or small tree that can easily be grown as a strong hedge or as a specimen plant. They have pale grey bark and short branches that are twiggy and rigid. Their leaves are light green and glossy. They also have beautiful fragrant flowers and decorative fruits to show off. Although slow growing, Gardenias are...

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Star Jasmine - Trachelospermum Jasminoides

Star Jasmines 20kgs

New in Stock in 20L containers. The commonly known star Jasmine and is part of the Trachelospernum genus and the Jasminoides family, hence its botanical name – the Trachelospernum Jasminoides. It is a species of flowering plant that is an evergreen, woody climber that is often grown as an ornamental or house plant, potted and pruned.

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Nuxia floribunda - Forest Elder or Bosvlier

Nuxia Florbunda 125L

The ever popular Nuxia Floribunda, also known as the Forest elder is an attractive, medium sized indigenous tree that can be found all over parts of Southern Africa, from the Cape to Mpumalanga.

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Dragons in the garden

Dracaena 60L 1

Dracaena draco – A Tree With a Story

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Chapmans Boabab tree -Botswana has fallen

Botswana July 2015 753Botswana July 2015 755Baobab From loving hands

Earlier this year on the 7th January, the iconic Chapman's Baobab, a National monument of Botswana and one of the 3 biggest trees in Africa, fell.

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No Water No Garden

Nursery directionPlectranthus purpleTree shade 3Tree shade 4Shade 1

It has to be said that gardens become casualties during times of water restrictions. This is particularly true for those plants that have direct exposure to the sun and relentless dry winds.

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News on 2016

Nursery view from above

This year looks to be an exciting one with plans for growth and expansion. We made the big move and expanded our operation to a farm next door, this, as we are continually looking to grow our range of plants. With more space now available we look towards more variety and bigger numbers.

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African Flame Tree -Spathodea



The Spathodea Campanulata, or African Flame Tree as commonly call it, has one of the showiest flowers around. This tall beauty requires full sun and water regularly. Although the Spathodea is sensitive to coastal conditions, they do well and grow rapidly in most parts of Cape Town and the sheltered gardens of the surrounding areas. When taken care of, they can...

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Forest Elder - Nuxia floribunda

Forest Elder - Nuxia Florbunda

 We have lovely 125L Nuxia Floribundas available. Contact us for more info/orders.  

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