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Annual Holidays closed period

This is a reminder that we will be closing for our annual staff holidays from 11 December to 12 January 

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Landscaping Aspects

Land 2Land 1Land 8Land 7Land 6Land 5Land 4Land 3

A rewarding aspect in not only having the privileged of landscaping a property but a follow up two years later. In these pics one can appreciate planting combinations textures and colors combination. This, an indigenous mix with a few exotic species. See in the backdrop a current addition being a pathway up to a quiet sitting area to reflect and...

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News on facebook

Scott Hogg

Have a look at our facebook link above. Keeping up with all the social media, we have thought it best to post news and interesting details here.

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Reflection on 2017

As we reflect and celebrate 2017, we at Plant Culture would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support and ask for your feedback regarding your experience with us. This can be good or bad. In this age of technology, building solid connections with our customers is the cornerstone of a long-term business relationship; and we would like to incorporate your...

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The new truck has arrived

Scott in TruckDelivery

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Large Aloe planting

Aloe barbarea planting

Rock landscapingRock placingAloe barbarea planting

This week saw us planting one of our large 500 liter trees, one of the first from this new line of trees. The logistics in craning, transport and planting these can be quite tricky especially in this case where the upper portion of the tree is heavier than the root ball- a bit of a balancing act.

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The social braai in September

Senior staffPlant Culture teamPlant Culture Staff Sep

The September braai and farewell to Eden. A great occasion to introduce Michelle who is already doing a great job. Well done guys and looking forward to next months

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Well Wishes to Eden and Michelle

It’s not often that one has an occasion in announcing exciting and sad news at the same time. The exciting news is that we are delighted to introduce a new face to our team namely Michelle. Michelle has joining in the position of sales and administration and comes highly recommended.

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Coral Reef Auaucaria or Caledonia Pine - Araucaria columnaris

Picture 3

AraucariaPicture 2

An ideal screening and windbreak tree, something that will take the most extreme weather -even the cape flats and notorious South Easters. Another big bonus is the needle like leaves, unlike other species in this family make it vandal proof and unlikely to be stolen once planted.

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Tree Wisteria Bolusanthus Speciosus

Bolusanthus speciosus tree westeria

tree westeria in bloom

BOLUSANTHUS SPECIOSUS ~ TREE WISTERIA Bolusanthus speciosus, also known as Tree Wisteria or Vanwykshout (Afrikaans), it is definitely one of the most remarkable indigenous trees in S.A! This unique tree is widely spread across Southern Africa (From Angola and Zambia to KZN, South Africa).When it is flowering it imitates the Jacaranda tree which unfortunately is recognized as an invader species in parts...

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