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Water Pear in a 125L bag

Syzygium guineens Water Pear

Some trees going out for the 1 of October. Instant shade and perfect for screening, this the Water Pear in a 125L bag

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Some results of our fynbos at Hidden Valley

Lanscaping 5Landscaping8Landscaping6Landscaping 7

Its always rewarding to see plant selections blending in the manner in which they were intended. Here is a few pics of Hidden Valley Wines in which we have been involved with the landscaping design and planting for the past 3 years. Most of these species are propagated at our nursery specifically for projects.

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Ernie Els and Stellenzicht Landscaping

IMG 5194IMG 5140IMG 5247IMG 5273IMG 5154IMG 5144

June has been a busy month with the ongoing landscaping at Ernie Els wines. With over 80 000 plants and 400 trees, propagated in the nursery its great to see them finding their new homes. An in house design through our landscape designer has produced some fantastic national award winning gardens, we look forward to making this another of these.

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Fever trees - Vachellia xanthophloes

3x Vachellia xanthophloea 125L Mayfever trees 9fever trees 6fever trees 11fever trees 2

We are busy with an interesting research on these tree and was in one of the local parks. Here a few pics, it always fascinates me being in the presents of these lovely trees along with their cultural history . Included photo of new stock available in our 125L range 

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Whats happening on site

BeforeDuringMid wayAfterGarden layout by scott

The past two months have been very busy on our landscaping crew. Below are some pics of some of the events involving tree planting and earthworks and planting design.

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Large Tree Plantings

Planting treesTrees to the restaurantRovalvia caffraParking terrace treesStinkwood tree

These are a few pics of some of the 15 trees planted recently on one of our landscaping projects -still have many more to go.

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Hidden Valley Wines

Hidden Valley deck landscapingHidden valley 5Hidden valley 4Hidden valley 3Hidden valley 2Hidden Valley 1

This is a photo of one of the gardens we revamped at Hidden Valley Wines. A lovely blend of indigenous and water-wise plants. I recommend this as a great spot to enjoy lunch or sun-downers on the deck, great food and good wine.

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Annual Holidays closed period

This is a reminder that we will be closing for our annual staff holidays from 11 December to 12 January 

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Landscaping Aspects

Land 2Land 1Land 8Land 7Land 6Land 5Land 4Land 3

A rewarding aspect in not only having the privileged of landscaping a property but a follow up two years later. In these pics one can appreciate planting combinations textures and colors combination. This, an indigenous mix with a few exotic species. See in the backdrop a current addition being a pathway up to a quiet sitting area to reflect and...

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News on facebook

Scott Hogg

Have a look at our facebook link above. Keeping up with all the social media, we have thought it best to post news and interesting details here.

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